Despite the challenges of COVID, the Women in Airports Forum will return this month via virtual conference. We spoke to Network Chair, Marion Charlton about what what to expect at this event and what a great opportunity it is for both female and male industry professionals. 

Australia’s airports are strong, resilient and are continuing to work hard to adapt to a life where COVID-19 exists. An airport which has managed to do this extremely well is Ballina-Byron Gateway Airport on the New South Wales North Coast. Manager Julie Stewart joined Airport Chat this week to discuss how it’s become the second busiest airport in New South Wales.

Published  29/10/20

In our latest podcast AAA CEO James Goodwin reflects on the difficulties and changes the industry has faced since he joined as the new CEO five months ago. Hear from James about where he sees the sector in six months’ time and the exciting AAA member initiatives and events coming up.

Published  19/10/20

The Australian Airports Association held its division meeting for Northern Territory members last week. We heard how the territory’s airports are managing recent challenges and how we are all adapting our ways of work to stay connected. We’re joined by the Association’s NT Director Dave Batic, who chaired the meeting. 

Published  27/05/2020

Right now there is a lot of conjecture about what the recovery will look like for the aviation industry. How will markets open back up again? And will we see travellers taking their time to plan their next trip or move quickly to get back in the air?

Matthew Findlay from Ailevon Pacific Aviation Consulting has been monitoring these trends closely and shared his insights with us.

Published  13/05/2020

The Australian Airports Association held its division meeting for Western Australian members last week. We heard how the state’s airports are managing some pretty unique challenges in the wake of COVID-19 as they work to keep our biggest state moving. We’re joined by the Association’s WA Director Jenny Kox, who chaired the meeting. Listen to the podcast below.

Published  06/05/2020

In our latest podcast,  AAA Victorian Director and Melbourne Airport Head of Operations Katie Cooper discusses the recent Victorian/Tasmanian joint online Division Meeting and the unique issues affecting airports in these states including the recent bushfires and COVID-19. Listen to the podcast below.

Published 23/04/2020

Hear from AAA Policy Manager Samantha Leighton about the impact of COVID-19 on our regional airports and learn more about the resources available and how the AAA will be assisting them.
Find out more and listen to the podcast below.

Published 16/04/2020

Hear from BA365 CEO James Yatras about his upcoming webinar discussing crisis management and the need to stay ahead of the crisis curve.
Find out more and listen to the podcast below.

Published 08/04/2020

In our first episode we spoke to AAA National Chairman Tom Ganley about the impact of COVID-19 and how it is impacting our airports as well as ways we can stay informed and continue to connect with peers.
Find out more and listen to the podcast below.

Published 02/04/2020