Partners and Sponsors


The Australian Airport Association and the New Zealand Airports Association are partnering with a number of key aviation industry stakeholders in an effort to increase and expand the depth of the Airport Safety Week campaign.

The Airport Safety Week partner and sponsorship program also promotes and fosters collaboration between organisations within the aviation industry to work together to achieve a safer and more sustainable industry for all.

Partners and sponsors of the campaign are demonstrating to the wider aviation industry, the community and the travelling public, their commitment and determination to maintaining a safe aerodrome environment for all airport users.

The Australian Airport Association and the New Zealand Airports Association believe that through strong and cooperative partnerships and relationships we will be able to create a stronger and safer aerodrome environment.


Why Sponsor


1. Sponsoring and participating in Airport Safety Week demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to airport safety.

2. Airport Safety Week provides direct access to a very large cross section of the airport industry in Australia and New Zealand through direct communications through the Daily eNewsletters and through the provision of resources to assist aerodrome operators facilitate activities at their airport.

3. The campaign provides access to all levels of staff at airports from regional airport managers, regional council representatives, major airport executives and operational staff at airports of all sizes.

Show your commitment to safety and the airport industry by getting involved!


How to Partner and Support


Please contact