Warrnambool City Council

Warrnambool City Council, WCC, is the owner/operator of the Warrnambool Regional Airport, which is located in the Moyne Shire Council.

The Airport currently operates as a Registered Airport under the current MOS servicing the South West Region. The Airport has 2 Runways: Runway 13/13 is sealed, 1,372 metres long and 30 metres wide, runway strip 150 metres, each end has RNAV-Z procedures, left hand side PAPI , Pilot Activated Lighting, PAL, Aerodrome Frequency Response Unit, and AFRU.

The Runway lighting is Low Intensity Runway Lighting, LIRL. Runway 04/22 is gravel, 1,069 metres long and 23 metres wide and runway strip of 90 metres.

The Airport is serviced with a 24 hour Terminal Area Forecast, TAF, provided by the Bureau of Meteorology, BOM. This facility is equipped with a Ceilometer and Visibility Meter.

Contact Details

25 Liebig Street, Warrnambool, VIC, 3280

Terry O'Sullivan Senior Airport Reporting Officer 0417 338 162