As a member of the AAA you will be contributing to the future of our industry as well as benefiting from resources, news, professional development, events and networking opportunities.

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AAA Member Logo

AAA airport and corporate members have access to a member logo to promote their membership of the AAA. The member logo can be used in electronic mediums (such as online and in email signatures) and print materials (subject to the AAA’s approval).


Airport Membership

As a member of the AAA you will be contributing to the future of our industry as well as benefiting from resources, news, professional development, events and networking opportunities.

Policy and Advocacy

The AAA works with members to equip them with networks, knowledge and resources to secure the future of our airports. The AAA also provides representation on a number of Government committees and working groups to advocate on behalf of the industry. Policy and advocacy programs are led by AAA Working Groups with all members are invited to contribute to the work of the Association.

Online Members Centre and eNewsletter

The Online Members Centre provides exclusive access to a library of industry publications and resources including division updates, working group material, policy papers and templates. The weekly eNewsletter keeps members up to date with information about AAA activities, latest submissions and technical updates, industry and member news as well as employment opportunities and events.

Events and Training

AAA events provide valuable training and networking opportunities. The AAA National Conference is the largest aviation conference and trade exhibition in Australia with over 550 attendees meeting each year to hear from a wide range of industry leaders. Other training opportunities include online education and professional development courses through the Airport Council International (ACI).

Department of Defence

The AAA has an exclusive contract with the Department of Defence to process payments for Defence landings at member’s airports. The AAA is able to identify, validate and process payments for the landings and remit funds directly to eligible airports.

“The AAA connects us to the greater aviation industry. We see the AAA as a strategic partner on our airport management team in terms of advocacy, lobbying and facilitation. The key benefit of the AAA for Karratha Airport is that they engage for us at all levels of Government and other organisations offering comprehensible representation.


The AAA also provides possibilities for professional development and networking with airports across the country. The AAA is a vehicle for members to be interconnected and for airport professionals to learn from and support one another to sustain and continually improve our industry. We need a leading advocate to prosecute appropriate national policy relating to airport activities; the AAA provides that voice to the benefit of all airports.”


Mitchell Cameron

General Manager

Karratha Airport (Western Australia)

Corporate Membership

There are a variety of opportunities for corporate members to showcase their organisation to the Australian airport industry.

State Based Divisional Meetings

Engage at local level at the more than 10 state based divisional meetings each year. Corporate members have the opportunity to attend any meeting around Australia to meet and network with the more than 300 airport professionals that take part in these events. Corporate members can also nominate to speak on items of interest during the meetings or sponsor the evening functions to further raise your profile. Attendance at each divisional meeting is valued at $600 per person.

Weekly eNewsletter

Raise the profile of your business through the AAA eNewsletter. The Airport Alert is distributed weekly to more than 1000 people in the airport sector and it is free for corporate members to include information and updates in the newsletters. News items could include new staff announcements, project awards and job advertisements. The Airport Alert also keeps you up to date with projects and tenders in the industry.

Annual Forums and Conferences 

Get involved with the AAA’s annual forums and conferences by nominating to present in the program, securing a tailored sponsorship package or attending the events for excellent networking value. AAA events held throughout the year include the Airport Operations ‘OPS SWAP’ Forum, Airfield Pavements and Lighting Forum, Emergency Forum and Commercial Forum as well as the AAA National Conference. Corporate members receive significant discounts to attend these events including a saving of almost $1000 per person to attend the National Conference.

Working Groups

Engage with members of the AAA through the Working Groups by sharing your industry expertise and raising your industry profile. The AAA has working groups in security, planning, emergency and technical areas.