Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – a holistic view

The AAA understands that airports operate in a truly global industry and a diverse and inclusive workforce is crucial to address both the significant current workforce shortages and the requirements over the next twenty years.

In 2019, the AAA created a Women in Airports (WIA) network for women who work in the airport industry as part of efforts to support the participation and advancement of women working in both operational and leadership roles at airports across Australia.

The WIA Committee provides guidance and promotes opportunities for individuals and organisations in the attraction, development and retention of women in the airport industry.

The WIA Committee aims to enhance the resilience of the Australian aviation community by addressing contributing factors leading to the low attraction and retention rate of women in the airport industry –  such as addressing weak pull factors and strong push factors.

The AAA supports a holistic view of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) that goes beyond gender, to also address issues of race, culture, religion, disability and financial accessibility.

The AAA is committed to expanding its focus on DEI to assist our members in attracting and retaining increased diversity in the sector.