Performing the role of a Works Safety Officer (WSO) – Introduction

There are a range of people who find themselves needing to gain access to secure areas at an airport to conduct a range of work activities.

Without the need to do our full Aerodrome Reporting Officer (ARO) / Works Safety Officer (WSO) Course, this course provides the basics to assist you working in an airport environment.


This course is aimed at providing detailed information on the process to conduct general maintenance tasks known as Time Limited Works and those that require the use of a Method of Working Plan. The course discusses the process to establish, conduct and restore these tasks whilst maintaining aircraft movement safety at all times.

This course includes an assessment component that you must pass to gain a certificate of completion.

  • Cost: $330 (inc. GST)
  • Expected Time Commitment: 3 hours
  • Delivery Format: Online, at your pace
  • Course Availability: 6 months from purchase
  • On Completion: Certificate of Completion
  • Recommended Frequency: Induction into the aviation industry

Course Modules

  • Legislative, industry references, risk management and control measures
  • Time Limited Works, method of works plans, establishing the work site and communication with stakeholders
  • Managing contractors / work parties, airside driving and completing a NOTAM
  • Completing airside works, airside serviceability inspections and emergency response

Recommended for

  • Those who will only be undertaking the role of a WSO
  • Anyone with an interest in understanding the different roles within an airport operations context
  • Those with an oversight or management role in an airport context
  • Any consultant who will be undertaking work within airport grounds


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