Airport Compliance Supervisor

Full Time
Listed on 11 November 2023

Our Organisation:  We are the facilitator of a thriving, resilient and liveable city full of opportunities and the custodians of an environment like no other. We consistently deliver best-in-class leadership, services, facilities and experiences, providing exceptional living for our local community.


Our Values: We are a values driven organisation and these underpin everything we do.

  • Working Together: I respect, listen to and value the contributions of others and celebrate our achievements.
  • Integrity: I am trustworthy, honest, accountable, open and consistent in all that I do.
  • Courage and Passion: I am enthusiastic and have the confidence to speak up for the betterment of AlburyCity.
  • Innovation: I seek to increase my knowledge through new ideas and continuous improvement.
  • Loyalty: I am supportive of others and committed to AlburyCity and the community.

Live Well Work Well: The health and safety of our people is more than a priority, it’s a commitment embedded within our values. Unlike priorities which change over time, our values form the basis for all that we do; they define our purpose and what we stand for. We seek to have a positive impact by developing a holistic wellbeing culture that empowers everyone to be their healthiest and happiest version, resulting in a more engaged and productive workforce with lower incidence of illness and injury.

It is, and always will be, our goal to have a workplace free from harm.

Two Cities One Community: On 13 October 2017 AlburyCity and The City of Wodonga entered into an historic partnership between the two cities. In August 2022 both Councils worked together to review and re-commit to the Partnership Agreement.

This partnership is a unique opportunity to develop a way forward that benefits our community as a whole with the aim of improving integration, productivity and social and economic development. It will focus on future growth that will continue to add value to both cities. Through this combined focus, underpinned by four key pillars of; leadership, economy, environment and community, we will unleash our potential and drive innovation for the benefit of the region and the nation.

Our Mission is to work together to achieve our community goals now and into the future. We understand that we are stronger together and can achieve more when working in collaboration. We will build on our current partnerships and shared values for thebetterment of Albury and Wodonga.

Child Safety: AlburyCity is committed to being a child safe organisation and our people support, listen to and empower children and young people. We create safe environments that minimise the risk of harm and we have ZERO tolerance for child abuse, violence and neglect.


The DirectorateBusiness, Growth & Community – Our Business, Growth & Community Directorate focuses on providing more and better, opportunities for our people and our place.

The groups within our directorate will empower our people, city and region to strive for more and to champion the significance of Albury as a national destination for life, work, culture, sport, entertainment, business and investment.

We build relationships and promote engaging and actionable dialogue with our community and our partners. We ensure good governance, financial sustainability and we facilitate a highly engaged, satisfied and well-informed workforce.

Our Service Model: Progress – Our Service model is built around our brand pillars of empowering progress; serving with excellence, which is about our people; and taking care of our place.

We empower our city and region to strive for more and to champion the significance of Albury as a national destination for life, work, culture, sport, entertainment, environment and investment. We are the connection point to make bigger, better things happen.

You’re an emerging leader with a strong grasp on compliance who will supervise a team of talented aerodrome reporting officers to deliver airside and landside operational effects at Albury Airport. You and your team will be responsible to maintain all regulatory, legislative, policy and compliance systems at Albury Airport to deliver safety, secure, efficient and compliant operations at Albury Airport.


  • Lead the aerodrome reporting officer team including; performance management, regulatory training and professional development, workflow coordination, rostering and timesheets, workforce planning and sustaining a high performance team.
  • Plan, assign and review work of the aerodrome reporting officer team engaged in monitoring airfield, airside, landside, safety and other activities.
  • Coordinate all resources, including staff and tasks to complete assigned or identified work and activities.
  • Review, develop and maintain documents and registers ensuring continued compliance to regulatory and legislative requirements of airport operations in accordance with AlburyCity’s statutory obligations, including the airport Transport Security Program (TSP) and the Airports Aerodrome Manual. Undertake an annual audit of the TSP.
  • Develop, update and implement airport operational policies, rules and regulations for safety and certification manuals. Inclusive of Aerodrome Emergency Plan, Safety Management System, Wildlife Hazards Management Plan, Drug and Alcohol Management Plan and Terminal Evacuation Plan.
  • Review and act as a representative of Albury Airport Management on operational problems involving airport safety, security, Federal certification and related matters as they impact airline or security personnel. Review reports of problems or incidents and recommend and/or implement appropriate remedial actions.
  • Promulgate to appropriate stakeholders and action Obstacle Limitation Surface survey and Annual Technical Inspection findings. Including updating National Aeronautical Information Processing System and airport stakeholders.
  • Remediate obstacles infringing Obstacle Limitation Surfaces and other surfaces as identified in Annual Technical Inspections.
  • Coordinate the annual Airport Emergency meetings, and quarterly airport Security Committee meetings including agenda preparation; attending meetings to take minutes and liaison with external agencies.
  • Be available as required for emergency situations.
  • Coordinate training, inductions, and provide advice, support and information on safety, legislative obligations, qualifications and tickets, applicable operational and environmental requirements operational and environmental requirements applicable to Albury Airport for all staff and contractors.
  • Maintain liaison and good relations with airport tenants, aircraft operators, relevant government and aviation regulatory authorities. Including collaboratation with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure the effective operation of the Airport.
  • Actively inform airport stakeholders to ensure awareness of the Transport Security Programs and other Department of Home Affairs and CASA regulations and updates.
  • Engage and manage contractors to conduct works or services at Albury Airport.
  • Assist the Team Leader Airport Operations in business plan, budget preparation and Development Applications.
  • Assist Aerodrome Reporting Officers as required in their duties.
  • Teach and mentor the Trainee Airport Officer through their traineeship.
  • Improve efficiency through the implementation of a continuous improvement approach.
  • Perform other tasks or duties as directed by the Team Leader Airport Operation.
  • Observe requirements of the WHS Legislation, relevant to the job and adhere to AlburyCity Policies and Procedures regarding WHS.
  • Observe appropriate AlburyCity Policies and Procedures regarding day to day operations including Equal Employment Opportunity policies, AlburyCity’s Dress Code and Standards Policy and AlburyCity’s Code of Conduct




  • Our People


  • General public/Airport users
  • Contractors
  • Aerodrome Lessees
  • RPT (Regular Passenger Transport) Airlines
  • Charter Operations/Pilots
  • CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority)
  • Department of Home Affairs
  • Emergency Services Personnel
  • Security Screening staff
  • Airline staff and ground handlers


  • Based on 38 hours per week, working 38 hours across a 7-day spread, with actual days and times being worked in accordance with facility roster, with an RDO in accordance with AlburyCity’s RDO guidelines. Hours worked on weekends will attract the appropriate loadings.
  • This position may involve work outside normal working hours. Additional hours over the standard 38 hours will attract a time in lieu arrangement or payment of overtime rates as agreed in advance with your supervisor.
  • This position may be required to be on call outside normal working hours. This will be in agreement with the supervisor and will attract the appropriate allowance.
  • This position requires you to wear a compulsory uniform as per AlburyCity’s Our People Dress Code Standards. Our People are required to present a smart and professional image to the public at all times including when in public and when working remotely.
  • This position involves working both indoor and outdoor, along with computer work. The position requires a moderate level of aerobic and physical fitness to undertake regular physical activities such as walking, lifting, pulling, pushing along with the capacity to maintain normal manual handling tasks across the workday – depending on the nature of the tasks undertaken. Appropriate WHS standards will be applied for all manual handing activity. A full functional and medical assessment is required for this position.
  • This position is subject to pre-employment and ongoing alcohol and other drug testing in accordance with AlburyCity procedures.
  • This position is subject to pre-employment and ongoing visual acuity testing in accordance with AlburyCity procedures.
  • This position is delegated with certain powers, authorities, duties and functions of Council under the AlburyCity Delegations of Authority in accordance with section 378 of the Local Government Act.
  • This position requires evidence of a current Australian National Police Check.
  • This position requires the incumbent to successfully gain and hold a NSW Class 1E Security Licence.
  • This position requires the incumbent to successfully gain and hold a NSW Master Security Licence.
  • This position is subject to alcohol and other drug testing.
  • This position is subject to preemployment and ongoing audiometric (hearing) assessment in accordance with AlburyCity Procedures
  • This position is located at Albury Airport (Riverina Highway, Albury), with occasional visits to external sites/depots and AlburyCity Administration Building as required.


  • Tertiary qualification in airport operations.
  • Leadership experience or qualification.
  • Ability to Interpret and navigate Federal and State Government acts, legislation and regulations.
  • Aerodrome Reporting Officer’s/Work Safety Officer’s Certificate
  • Class C (standard) Driver’s Licence (compulsory to have and maintain)
  • Aviation Security Identification Card (Red)
  • NSW Class 1E Security Licence (or willing to obtain)
  • Firearms Licence (or willing to obtain)


  • Tertiary qualification in Business Management, Safety and Risk, or Governance
  • Strong grasp of Microsoft Office application suite
  • Aviation Reference Number
  • Aviation Security Identification Card (Red)
  • Member of the Australian Airport Association


  • Demonstrated experience in Airport Operations or other industry with direct Federal and State regulatory requirements.
  • Experience leading a multidisciplinary team
  • Familiarity with:
    • Civil Aviation Act 1988
    • Part 139 (Aerodromes) Manual of Standards
    • Aviation Act 2004
    • Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005
    • Civil Aviation Safety Regulation 1998
    • Part 175 of Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Aeronautical Information management
    • En Route Supplement Australia
    • Airservices Australia – National Aeronautical Information Processing System
  • Familiarity with the AVCRM Compliance and Risk Management application


  • High level of understanding and knowledge in the following:
    • Legislation, regulations and Acts relating to the Airport/airline industry
    • Airport security regulations and screening processes
    • Airport/airline industry operations, legislative reporting and compliance
    • Airport security regulations and screening processes
    • Inspection procedures and processes
    • Aerodrome emergency plans
    • Leadership
  • High level of computer literacy in the use of a variety of software applications including MS Office Suite, web based products and programs

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