Investment drives 53 per cent growth in economic contribution of Australia’s airports


A Deloitte report on the economic and social contribution of Australian airports has found Australian airports’ core and precinct activities added $34.6 billion to the national economy in 2016-17.

The report found airports’ core activities added $4.9 billion to the economy during the year, a 53 per cent increase from 2011.

Australian Airports Association (AAA) Chief Executive Officer Caroline Wilkie said the growing economic contribution of airports reflected their investment to support aviation and tourism growth.

“Airports have targeted investment to support tourism, facilitate trade and create jobs – and this report shows their work has delivered significant economic benefits for Australia,” Ms Wilkie said.

“The growing economic contribution of Australian airports comes as they continue to invest in efficiency for airlines, customer experience and the creation of new tourism markets.”

The report found airports supported the generation of 206,400 jobs, including the direct employment of 8700 people.

Airports also supported $32.3 billion in tourism activity, as they developed stronger partnerships with tourism and government agencies to attract new services and markets.

A total of 8 million international tourist trips to Australia were facilitated in 2016-17, with airports welcoming 97 per cent of all international visitors to the country.

The report also found airports made an important contribution to trade, with air freight accounting for 21 per cent of Australia’s freight by value.

“This confirms that airports’ growth and success is intrinsically linked to economic growth,” Ms Wilkie said.

“As airports work with their states, territories and regions to attract new tourism and trade opportunities, they are delivering benefits that create new jobs and support our future prosperity.”



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