Protect Regional Airports

More than 15 million passengers fly in and out of regional Australia each year. To continue being a successful and prosperous nation, the back bone of Australia, the regions, need equitable access to markets, health care, exports and produce – all of which are facilitated by regional airports.

The Australian Airports Association (AAA), with support from the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA), the Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA), and the Australian Logistics Council (ALC), are seeking direct Federal Government funding support for essential infrastructure at regional airports.

After successfully securing an extension to the Remote Airstrip Upgrade Programme (RAUP) in the 2018/19 Federal Budget, the ‘Protect Regional Airports’ campaign is now focused on the establishment of a new Regional Airport Infrastructure Fund (RAIF) of $100 million over four years. This new fund is designed to assist those regional airports that are ineligible for the RAUP and are not able to be competitive in other general infrastructure funding schemes.

Providing this essential funding assistance will not only ensure regional communities can continue to enjoy safe and efficient air transport, it will also future proof regional Australia for generations to come with infrastructure that drives economic growth and connectivity.

Regional Airports Contributing To and Connecting Our Communities Fact Sheet Available to Download Here

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