Mentoring Program

The AAA Mentoring Program - Registration for the 2016 Program  
24 May - 21 November 2016

The AAA Airport Industry Mentoring Program facilitates mentoring relationships so that mentors can share advice, knowledge and experience with mentees. This dynamic exchange of trust, information and experience results in a mutually beneficial professional development relationship.

The program allows professionals from member airports to engage with each other to further develop their personal and vocational knowledge, skills and abilities in a supportive one-on-one environment.

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Download the Mentee Application Form
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Benefits of Participating in the Mentoring Program

For mentors:

  • Contribute to the development of other industry professionals
  • Expand professional networks
  • Gain a sense of personal and professional satisfaction
  • An opportunity to share valuable wisdom and insight
  • Recognition of skills, knowledge and commitment to profession.

For mentees:

  • Excellent networking opportunities to make new professional contacts
  • Development of new skills and knowledge
  • Identifying professional growth and development areas
  • Opportunity to set goals and work towards them
  • A confidential opportunity to discuss workplace issues.

Mentees must be employees of financial airport members of the AAA. Mentors must be employees of financial airport or corporate members of the AAA.

Required Commitment
Mentors and mentees are required to attend the launch and closing ceremony events as well as be able to commit to at least two contact hours per month with their mentor/mentee for the duration of the program.

Other travel is at the discretion of mentor / mentee partnerships.

How Does The Program Work?
Applicants are required to complete an application form and submit a copy of their CV. The AAA will use this information to complete the matching process.

An orientation networking event is held as an opportunity for mentors and mentees to meet as well as receive information regarding the structure of the program and mentor and mentee responsibilities.

During the first networking event mentoring pairs will nominate arrangements for further meetings. The frequency of these meetings is for the pair to decide and manage depending on what is suitable for them. Recommended contact time will be two hours per month.

Mentors and mentees will be responsible for continuing contact with each other. The format of these meetings will be negotiated between the pair and may include email, phone or face to face meetings. The AAA will conduct evaluations throughout the program to see how the mentor and mentee relationships are tracking.

Participants are required to attend a second function at the conclusion of the mentoring program, which will coincide with the AAA National Conference in Canberra on Monday 21 November 2016. The aim of this networking event will be for participants to share experiences, meet other industry professionals and give feedback on the program.

Information Pack
An information pack is available for interested mentors and mentees. To request an information pack email

How Do I Get Involved?
Mentees and mentors will provide their CV and complete a short application form which focuses on their experience, aspirations, needs and expectations from the mentoring program.

Applications for the next program will be offered in January 2017


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