The Australian Airports Association (AAA) and Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) have collaborated on a new initiative to resolve a long-standing issue regarding the use of recreational aircraft at public aerodromes across the country.

For aerodromes across the country the ability to contact owners of aircraft utilising their facilities is essential. This is important for emergency management, safety, security, and accurate billing purposes for use of an aerodrome.

Unlike aircraft on the Australian Civil Aircraft Register, the contact details for operators of recreational aircraft are not publicly available. As a result, aerodrome operators have had to liaise with RAAus on a case-by-case basis to seek these details.

This process is now a thing of the past due to the collaboration between the AAA and RAAus. A secure online portal (created and administered by RAAus, with resourcing support from the AAA) has been modified to allow aerodrome operators to register for access and obtain contact details for recreational aircraft operators using their facilities.


For AAA airport members to access the RA-Aus online portal, a the below registration form (administered by the AAA and approved by RA-Aus) must be completed.

Once complete, the aerodrome operator will be issued a unique login to access the RA-Aus system. If the aerodrome operator has any issues in accessing the RA-Aus system, or difficulties in retrieving contact details of an aircraft operator, all enquires are to be directed to the AAA.


If a RAAus member has any queries regarding this new initiative, or if you believe you have been incorrectly billed for use of an aerodrome, please direct these enquires to All enquiries from both aerodromes and recreational aircraft operators are to be directed to your respective industry body (AAA or RAAus). The AAA and RAAus will work closely to resolve any issues that may arise from members and continually improve this new initiative.


This new initiative demonstrates a genuine commitment to growth, professionalism and improved engagement between the aerodrome and recreational aircraft sectors. The AAA and RAAus are committed to continuing to work collaboratively, ensuring recreational aviation and aerodrome operations remain safe, secure and sustainable.