Countdown to Airport Safety Week 2020










Airport Safety Week is a joint initiative of the Australian Airports Association & the New Zealand Airports Association.


Airport Safety Week Competitions 

We are delighted to announce that we have some fantastic prizes on offer as part of our 2019 Airport Safety Week competitions.

You could win five iPads for your airport, thanks to our Competition Partner AIRDAT, or a FOD*BOSS airfield sweeping system to the value of $9000, thanks to our Competition Partner FOD*BOSS.


When: Monday 19 – Friday 23 October 2020

More details about ASW 2020 will be released soon.


Register for Airport Safety Week webinars

Planning for a Successful Airport Emergency Exercise, Tuesday 15 October 2019

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Safety Management Systems, Thursday 17 October 2019

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Airport Safety Week is a safety campaign that is specifically tailored to engage with employees and contractors working on an aerodrome. The campaign is a collaboration between the Australian Airports Association (AAA) and the NZ Airports Association (NZ Airports).

The campaign aims to enhance and add to the safety conversation by encouraging all staff and contractors working on an aerodrome to consider their obligations to provide a safe environment for all airport users.

Safety topics featured during the campaign aim to enhance the overall safety culture at the airport by creating a forum for information sharing and innovative thinking in the area of airport safety hazards. Participants will be encouraged to consider their own personal safety as well as their obligations to provide a safe environment for all airport users.

By taking part your airport or organisation will be demonstrating to the community and the travelling public your commitment and determination to maintaining a safe environment for all airport users.

The campaign will again use the daily Airport Safety Week eNewsletter as the primary communication tool. The eNewsletter will be sent out to registered individuals each morning throughout Airport Safety Week and provide a brief introduction of the daily theme, along with the key safety messages and accompanying resources. In addition to the daily eNewsletter participating organisations will be provided with a number of toolbox talk/safety meeting resources supporting the daily theme which will assist them to conduct team meetings.

As part of Airport Safety Week a number of cornerstone activities will again be promoted as ways to engage participants, these include the national FOD walk and the wear PPE to work day. These events will provide participating organisations with the opportunity to engage staff from all levels of the organisation to think about how their actions influence and impact on aviation safety.

Safety Week Activities

During Airport Safety Week airports will be invited to participate in a number of events and activities that they can coordinate at their airport. These include a team gathering where all staff are encouraged to get together for a morning tea or lunch and talk about airport safety themes and messages. The industry FOD (Foreign Object Debris) Walk is another activity that aerodrome operators can use to get staff and contractors engaged. Aerodrome operators are encouraged to involve all staff, even those that don’t normally have the opportunity to go airside to walk a section of the aerodrome to scan for FOD and raise awareness of this vital part of airport safety. The final activity is the Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Work Day which raises awareness of the appropriate use and maintenance of PPE in the aviation workplace.

Airport Safety News

Airport Safety News will be sent throughout Airport Safety Week with key safety considerations for your airport. Airport Safety News will also include the daily Airport Safety Quiz and the chance to win a daily prize.