Australia’s major airports act as international gateways to keep communities connected to essential services and maintain access to world markets.

On the other hand, Australia’s regional airports support export-oriented agribusiness, assist in medical evacuation, bushfire fighting operations and are gateways to world-renowned tourist destinations. Regional and remote airports and aerodromes often provide the only public transport links between regional and remote Australia and the education, medical and professional services in larger towns and cities.

All airports operate in a global environment.

Airports are working on building their social licence to operate (SLO) and want to do the right thing for all members of the community and staff to make them feel safe and included when they arrive at Australian airports. This won’t happen overnight, but the AAA and our members are committed to working with everyone to create a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Airports need to represent the diverse communities they serve, and the AAA is committed to helping make Australian airports an inclusive place for all travellers and staff.

AAA in the Community

When done well, airports can be great examples of ways spaces can evolve to become inclusive for everyone that enters the terminal.

Below are examples of ways the AAA is helping Australian airports become more inclusive. If you have any comments or ideas, please reach out.