Our Policy Approach

The AAA’s policy and advocacy team works to achieve a supportive operating environment for airports across Australia as part of a thriving aviation sector.

First and foremost we focus on engaging Members to understand the industry-wide issues so the AAA can represent the collective airport perspective within the wider aviation industry. We achieve this by developing united policy positions to present to a range of industry stakeholders. Being conveniently located close to Parliament House, with a professional and experienced team that is well connected to Federal politicians, Federal Departments and industry regulators, the AAA is perfectly positioned to support the needs of our Members.

Our Advocacy Approach

Complementing our policy setting agenda is our advocacy approach which backs up our hard work by supporting and promoting the interests of our Members.

Whilst we are the industry leader and collective voice of Airports within the aviation sector, we have close working relationships with other complimentary industry associations across tourism, local government and various levels of business which enables us to have a finger on the pulse of the wider landscape impacting our industry.

From a grass roots level, the Policy & Advocacy team support Members by:

  • Enhancing the understanding of policymakers on the role of airports and the relationship of airports to the broader aviation sector;
  • Promoting the value of airports to the national economy;
  • Ensuring an appropriate regulatory environment (safety, national security, environment, airspace protection, planning) is in place which supports all airports;
  • Promoting and supporting the essential upgrades to critical airport infrastructure;
  • Attraction and retention of a skilled airport workforce;
  • Promoting a stable operating environment for airports and other industry stakeholders;
  • Fostering an environmentally sustainable future for the aviation industry; and
  • Supporting and encouraging new aviation technologies and their integration into Australia’s aviation industry.

Workforce Report

In late 2022, the AAA recognised the need for the association to provide enhanced support to our membership.

The airport sector, renowned for its resilience and efficiency, was subjected to challenges stemming from international border closures, domestic travel restrictions, plummeting passenger numbers, and severe financial constraints.

The association embraced an approach that was not only responsive but also anticipatory, aiming to address the immediate and evolving needs of the airport sector workforce – the AAA’s shift marked a commitment to helping airports plan for both short and long-term workforce needs.

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Read the AAA’s work with members across 2023 here.

Deloitte Access Economics report

Australia’s airports are a vital part of Australia’s economic and social fabric. Our network of airports connect Australia to the world, and indeed given our geography, provide the only practical means of travel for many journeys.

Taking Flight: The economic and social contribution of Australia’s airports, commissioned by the Australian Airports Association, demonstrates the economic importance of Australia’s airports in 2022 in terms of value added to the national economy and supported employment, capturing activity associated with airport precinct activity, and facilitated tourism and trade.

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To support and advance the interests of Members, the AAA (with input and engagement from our Members) makes a range of submissions to regulators and other stakeholders. A list of our recent submissions are included below.

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Working Groups

Supplementing and supporting our policy and advocacy activities, the AAA is an active member in a range of working groups focused on topical areas of importance to our Members.

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