Adelaide Airport Limited

AAL purchased the operating leases for Adelaide and Parafield Airports in May 1998, to operate both airports for the next 50 years with an option for a further 49 years.

Adelaide Airport is the aviation gateway to South Australia. Prior to COVID-19 impacts on the aviation sector, Adelaide Airport was the fifth-largest domestic and international airport in Australia processing more than 8 million passengers in 2019.

It is the State’s largest single site employment precinct directly employing more than 10,000 people on and off airport, and contributing to the generation of a further 12,700 jobs.

Adelaide Airport has transitioned from an aviation and infrastructure facility to a broad-based economic activity node, encompassing a variety of aviation and non-aviation services, facilities and developments. It is also a critical transport hub connecting South Australia with global and domestic markets.

The provision of commercial, retail and industrial activities contribute to the viability of the airport as a business enterprise and provide an economic core and employment centre for the northern suburbs of Adelaide and beyond.

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