Airfield Lighting – Essentials

Airfield lighting is not just relevant in low light or darkness settings. Airfield lighting is a critical component in the safe operation of an airport at all times. Whilst this is an “essentials” course it provides a great introduction to lighting in an airport context.


This course will equip you with a basic understanding of airfield lighting systems, its components how they operate and how they perform to ensure a compliant lighting system is maintained at your aerodrome.

The course is intended as an introduction for people working on airports who have not received specialist training on airfield lighting or as a refresher for those who already have some experience.

Note: This is not an electrical qualification but provides those with qualifications and overview of lighting in an airport context.

This course includes an assessment component that you must pass to gain a certificate of completion.

  • Cost: $330 (inc. GST)
  • Expected Time Commitment: 3 hours
  • Delivery Format: Online, at your pace
  • Course Availability: 6 months from purchase
  • On Completion: Certificate of Completion
  • Recommended Frequency: Every 2 years

Course Modules

  • Background to airfield lighting and illumination theory
  • Circuits, transformers, cables and connections, control and monitoring systems and Aerodrome Frequency Response Units (AFRU)
  • Taxiway, runway and approach lighting
  • MAGs, mountings, beacons, obstacles and portable lights
  • Service, record keeping, safety and best practice documentation

Recommended for

  • Qualified electricians required to work within an airport or aerodrome surrounds
  • Those required to oversee procurement of airfield lighting systems
  • Those who have completed the ARO / WSO course and want greater understanding or need a refresher on airfield lighting


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