Hidden Disability Awareness Training Course

More than 63% of Australians with a disability have avoided experiences such as travel, due to concern about not having their needs met.

This training course will walk you through the specifics of hidden disabilities and how it relates to you in an airport context. Upon completion, you will have an awareness of hidden disabilities and access to great examples of what airports have done to address this emerging topic.


Millions of Australians live with a disability – and a surprising 90% of these people have what’s called a hidden (or invisible) disability.

Hidden disability initiatives are part of the worldwide accessibility and inclusion movement that recognises the barriers in both the physical and social environments – of which airports belong.

Airports are always evolving and the needs and expectations of airport customers are constantly changing. This is even more apparent as we work together to deliver inclusive and compassionate environments to meet the expectations of customers.

As we continue to work together to ensure Australian airports are ready and capable of facilitating customers from now into the future, airports have an obligation as community assets to ensure the airport experience is accessible and inclusive.

The expectation that space is accessible and inclusive is increasing, so it is important we do our part by removing barriers to travel where we can.

We recognise that as an industry we must be informed to drive change in the areas that matter. The AAA has created the Hidden Disability Awareness training course in partnership with Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), a respected organisation with lived experience in the hidden disability space.

  • Cost: $150 + GST
  • Expected Time Commitment: 30 mins - 1 hour
  • Delivery Format: Online, at your pace
  • Course Availability: 12 months from purchase
  • On Completion: Certificate of Completion
  • Recommended Frequency: On induction and periodically as required to retain awareness.

Course Modules

  • Hidden disability awareness – an introduction to what is a hidden disability
  • Inclusive environments – what tools can be used to create an inclusive environment
  • Supporting hidden disabilities – practical examples to support those with hidden disabilities

Recommended for

By its very nature, a hidden disability may not overtly present itself. We therefore recommend this training is undertaken by all staff who are or could become public facing.

This includes employees, stakeholders, contractors and volunteers, regardless of the level of commitment to hidden disabilities from the airport.

This training course is an ideal part of any induction program at your airport and individuals should undertake this before commencing their duties.

This training is imperative if the airport portrays itself as being able to support those with a hidden disability.


Contact AAA Education – education@airports.asn.au.

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