Mandatory facemasks a common sense decision

Today’s decision by National Cabinet to make facemasks compulsory across all parts of the aviation sector is a sensible and common sense approach, says the Australian Airports Association (AAA).

AAA Chief Executive James Goodwin says any protocol which improves safety and increases public confidence is a good thing.

“All travellers should arrive at the airport prepared with their own mask,” Mr Goodwin said.

“It is important the government works cooperatively with the aviation sector to develop these new regulations and assist with the implementation.

“Airports have been and will continue to assist governments and the nation during the pandemic despite significant drops in revenue.

“We want passengers travelling through airports to feel safe. Wearing a mask for the traveller’s own safety and the safety of others, should become second nature.

“It is also important that aviation workers are prioritised in the initial roll out of Australia’s vaccination program given their exposure to potentially infected international travellers.”

A recent survey commissioned by the AAA showed the majority of travelling Australians would be more confident to fly if facemasks were mandatory.

• 83% would wear a facemask travelling domestically
• 71% would be more confident to fly domestically if facemasks were mandatory
• 89% would support mandatory facemasks in international airport terminals
• 82% were willing to undergo a rapid COVID test before travelling internationally

The online survey was completed by 500 Australians between 14-18 December 2020.


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