As the national advocate for appropriate national policy relating to airport activities, the AAA represents its membership through its policy agenda with regular submissions to industry reviews and inquiries.


2017 Submissions
28 September
AAA Submission to PFAS National Environmental Management Plan
28 July
AAA submission to National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy
28 February
AAA submission to review of NASF Guideline B
28 February
AAA submission on modernising airspace protection
24 February
AAA submission on First Points of Entry Biosecurity Standards
19 January
AAA Submission to the Commonwealth Budget 2017-18
2016 Submissions
3 November
2 November
12 August
AAA Submission – Discussion Paper – UAS Airworthiness Framework
22 July
AAA Submission – NASF Guideline B review report
15 July
AAA Submission – OTS grandfathering changes
24 June
AAA Submission – Smart Cities Discussion Paper
2 June
AAA Submission – DIBP draft Airport Operators Guide
2 June
AAA Submission – DAWR first points of entry
18 May
AAA Submission -Tas draft state planning provisions
20 April
AAA Submission – Draft NASF Guideline G
23 March
AAA Submission – Draft CACG induction package
17 February
Discussion Paper – Options to strengthen misuse of market power law
12 February
Aviation Rescue and Firefighting Services Regulatory Policy Review
8 February
Australia’s Draft State Safety Programme 2016
5 February
Australia’s Policy Approach to Baro-VNAV Implementation
5 February
AAA Submission on the Commonwealth Budget 2016-17
5 February
Senate Inquiry into Contamination of Commonwealth, State and Territory sites in Australia Part B
2015 Submissions
4 December
AAA submission
13 November
AAA Workforce Skills Submission
5 November
Discussion Draft NT Government Aviation Industry and Services Strategy
14 August
Australian Infrastructure Audit
29 May
Discussion Paper –Efficiency Proposals: master Plan and Major Development Plan
17 March
Western Australian State Aviation Strategy
27 February
Response to NPRM 1411AS – Unserviceability markings and ground signals
17 February
NSW Inquiry into Regional Aviation Services – Final Report
13 February
AAA Submission to the Commonwealth Budget 2015-16
6 February
Options Paper – Scope of Aviation Security Identification Cards ASICs Dear Mr
30 January
Inquiry into Airport and Aviation Security
30 January
Review of Process for the Provision of Government Services at New Australian International Airports
21 January
Submission to 2015 Environmental Scan Discussion Paper
2014 Submissions
5 November
Joint Review of Boarder Fees, Charges and Taxes
31 October
Review of Aircraft Approved to Operate During Curfew Hours
31 October
Review of Western Australia Intrastate Regulated Air Routes
10 October
Draft Australian Standard AS2021
30 September
Discussion Paper – Efficiency Proposals: Master Plan and Major Development Plan
30 September
Discussion Paper regarding the review of the Parking Infringement Notices Scheme PINS
19 September
Free Public Wi-Fi
14 August
NSW Inquiry in Regional Aviation Services
14 July
Discussion Paper – National Identity Proofing Guidelines
14 July
Discussion Paper – Review of the Aviation Prohibited Items List
9 July
Aviation Safety Regulation Review
8 July
Appointments to CASA Board
1 July
CASA Manual of Standards MOS 139
1 July
Development of Aerodrome Operations Qualifications
30 June
Discussion Paper – Airport Leases Options for Early Renewal
25 June
Structural changes to SACF
16 June
Notice of Proposed Rule Making – Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems
10 June
Competition Policy Review
2 June
Cost recovery of AFP Community Policing at International Airports
27 May
Discussion Paper – Streamlining Transport Security Program Requirements
23 May
Draft State Planning Framework
14 May
Draft Wind Farm Development Assessment Code
7 May
Tourism Australia Funding
2 May
Consultation paper – Suspension of ASICs and MSICs Upon Charge for a Serious Offence
17 April
Inquiry into Economic Development on Norfolk Island
2 April
Commonwealth Efficiency Dividend Program
14 March
Inquiry into Regional Aviation Services
7 February
South Australian Aviation Policy Priorities
31 January
Aviation Safety Regulation Review
2013 Submissions
20 December
Western Australian State Aviation Strategy
1 October
Curfew at Brisbane Airport
25 June
CASA Manual of Standards MOS 139 – Part H Review
25 June
CASA Regulatory Priorities
25 June
Australian Federal Police Community Policing Tax Imposed
28 March
Review of Aerodrome Forecasting Services
27 February
Statement of Issues on the Proposed Acquisition by Virgin Australia of Tiger Airways
21 February
Budget Submission
2012 Submissions
21 September
A New Planning System for NSW
21 September
Reformed Planning Zones for Victoria
20 March
National Airports Safeguarding Advisory Group NASAG – Draft Guidelines